Fall Photoshoots.

I love fall.  The colors, the cool air…but especially the light.  It is softer and more golden.

So taking photos of the fun, lovely Erdman family in the early evening was…the best!


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erdmans-047 erdmans-024


It’s back.



The Golden Hour has returned, when the magical golden cast from the setting sun transforms the ordinary into something special.  I longed to go outside and catch it, but the snowless landscape is still a wintry barrenness.  I had no luck persuading anyone to join me outside.    Besides, Baby was fussy.  Solution?  Give the fussy baby to my non-compliant model, and enjoy the sun’s rays on my antique bowl and croquet balls.  Sometimes you just have to work with what you have available.

In other news, one of my daughters hesitantly mentioned that her class discussed gay marriage today.  Marcus asked her about the discussion, and she gave us many interesting points.  Marcus had to leave, and I continued to engage her about it.  At the end of our talk, she told me something like this:  I don’t always appreciate it when you bring God into a discussion.  I kind of tune out.  But when we were discussing this issue today, I realized I appreciate what you have said to me.  But try to get to the point, instead of taking so long in your explanations.

I was floored.  I appreciated her honesty and feedback, and am thankful she sees the value of what I have tried to impart to her before she is an adult.

This is not the first time one of my children has mentioned that I only need to tell them something once.  I don’t need to keep explaining it differently so they get it.  They may need to process awhile, or mature and experience more for my advice to take root in their lives.  Note to self (and other parents):  Keep is short and simple.  And pray your kids will have teachable hearts.

This blog is turning into photography and parenting tips.  Weird, unintentional combo.  I am sure it is just a phase.