Walking among the Reeds.

I almost published this with no commentary, but couldn’t resist at the last moment.  My nephews and niece are staying with us for a few days, and we are definitely running at a different pace!  The metamorphosis from small children to independent children is so subtle, you realize one day that you don’t have to help anyone in the bathroom, feed everyone every few hours, be somewhat entertaining in the afternoons, and bathe dusty little bodies before bed.

The kids were so excited to stay with us because we have SO MUCH LAND.  I feel like a land baron.  Actually, all the good, exploration-worthy land isn’t ours, but we have nice neighbors.  Remember how the little ones are always yelling: “WAIT FOR ME!”?

The neighbor’s kitty even visited us.  The kids LOVE CATS, too, so this made the walk on ALL MY LAND even more special.

Raccoon tracks by the pond?  Icing on the cake.

The dirt clods were so hard from the drought, Hudson skipped them across the water.  He’s got the form down, that’s for sure.

And I had somehow forgotten that little girl hair is wispy, and always in her face.