Three girls.

I had the opportunity to take pictures of Gracia on her twelfth birthday.  I have known her and her sweet family since she was a tiny girl, and I was amazed at what was transpiring in front of my lens:   giggling girls who would occasionally shoot me a womanly look; one foot in girlhood, and the other foot testing the waters of young womanhood.  A lovely, and difficult age, if I remember correctly with my own four tempestuous females.

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Maddie’s senior prom.

prom-114prom-101 prom-154 prom-151  prom-069 prom-043 prom-040


I missed Maddie’s prom last year when I went to visit my oldest daughter in Indiana.  This year I tried to redeem myself by taking LOTS OF PICTURES.  I’m thankful Maddie was a gamer and balanced on those high-heeled shoes out in the field.  She aerated the lawn with them, too.

I have realized how important it is to be present for my kids.  They don’t ask for much-Maddie didn’t need help getting ready, and I didn’t need to prepare anything.  She just wanted me to be there to see the process, the finished product, and celebrate the moment with her before she went off to dinner and dancing with her friends.  And I gladly did it.  What made it even better was listening to her favorite comedian and belly laughing while trying to paint the stairwell.  I’m thankful I didn’t roll down the stairs.

Love you, MP!





Today I did paperwork alllllllll afternoon.  At 4:30, I escaped outside into the 50 degree (!) weather just before the sun went down for one of the shortest days of the year.  I almost missed it.

The only thing wrong with a micro lens is not being able to pick one picture for the DPP.  Pity, that.










Tonight the sunset wasn’t to be denied.  We had to drive past church so I could snap a picture.  Then we drove back and heard a sermon about Zechariah and Elizabeth.  They were WAY past childbearing age when the angel told Zechariah God had heard his prayer.  Which prayer?  His prayer for children.  How long had it been since Zechariah had prayed for kids?  He had probably forgotten.  But God hadn’t.  I sat in awe tonight as I pondered a God that answers prayers we’ve forgotten we ever prayed.

Not only did God answer Zechariah’s prayer, in Zechariah’s son, John, God fulfilled his plan of preparing the way of reconciling mankind to himself.  How beautiful that God uses our limited human perspective when we pray to accomplish his grand plans.  The unfathomable idea that somehow we are involved in all THIS.

So I will continue to pray in faith, hoping God will reveal his Amazing in my small requests.




As the sun quickly descended this afternoon, I realized I hadn’t taken a picture today for the DPP.  I picked up my camera and looked at my options:  sun was glinting off the back of a nutcracker; Maddie had just sat down with her tea, raisins and a clementine; or, I could head outside in the 5 degree weather.

This is what I love about the photo project:  the hunt for beauty.  My soul feels revived as I search and find the beautiful breadcrumbs God has left to lead us to himself.