This is MP’s room in the basement.  I frequently stop and soak in the view when the light comes through the window.  The light transforms her messy bed into art, and I almost forget to be annoyed that she NEVER MAKES IT.

This bed pretty much reflects my state of mind this morning.  We woke up to a gently falling snow that had already covered the ground and trees.  We were supposed to go to Life Group on the other side of town, so I obediently showered and got my egg casserole in the oven.  But my heart wasn’t in it.  I had a difficult time shedding my fuzzy red robe, and when the neighbor called to tell me the roads were slick, I felt relief wash over me.  I could rest today.  So I did.

So did the cat, but every day is the Sabbath for him.






DPP 9: Sabbath day rest.


We had a wonderful morning, introducing two very special people (plus three little peeps) to our church community.  After everyone left, I ate a few remaining doughnut holes, took a section of the Wall Street Journal, and went to bed.  Resting is a glorious Sunday afternoon activity, that I have not taken advantage of enough.  Corin, on the other hand, fully participates twenty-three hours a day, seven days a week.

Comic relief.

In which Corrin attempts to push the bathroom cupboard door open after snoozing on clean towels.  He gave up, eventually, and I did assist him.  Promise.  But only after I was done laughing at his expense.


Indoor cat(s).

Corin, a.k.a. Outdoor Kitten/Cat, likes nothing better than to find a sunspot on the family room carpet and languidly groom himself.  If that isn’t available, a basket will do.  We try to convince him the great outdoors holds many adventures for him, but he’ll have none of it.

Cluney, a.k.a. Clawless, Extra-Large Indoor Cat, even escaped from the house, killed a shrew, and left it on the back porch for us all to admire.  Corin barely smelled it, and side-stepped it as he frantically scratched on the door to be let in.

We need a Plan B.




Update on Corin the Kitty.

As I sit at my desk listening to my new charge climb the screen, trying to get my attention, I’m reminded that I haven’t mentioned him/her for a while.  Corin has doubled in size, but I still wonder if outside critters are helping him (using him for simplicity’s sake) eat his food.  Can that tiny feline really eat that much Meow Mix?

Excuse me a moment.  I need to open the window and squirt the cat off the screen.  (squirt squirt)

You laugh.  But screen climbing cannot be tolerated, and neither can leather furniture scratching.  He has only jumped on the furniture once, missed, and tried to get a claw-hold all the way down.  He had the foul timing of doing this in front of the master of the house, who is not a lover of cats.  Even though I love cats, I realize my husband and the cat need to be able to exist somewhat harmoniously together, so I must be the peacemaker.  (squirt squirt)

New kitties are adorable, but also nibble and poke continuously.  When I actually go outside to see him, where he is supposed to be living, he greets me by running up my leg.  It doesn’t hurt, yet.  But I really shouldn’t let him because when he is full grown, it will not only hurt, but may require stitches.  (squirt)

The poor little guy used to only come out of his kitty house when we went out to see him.  But he is finally venturing out on his own, especially to the deck when we are in the family room.  (squirt)

We were a little worried about how Cluney would handle him.  He didn’t seem too friendly, but put up with him.  Now the sweet little kitty gets a running jump and attacks Cluney.  I still wasn’t too worried until I saw the kitty hanging off of Cluney’s face.  After I unclenched his jaws, I decided no more kitty – Cluney time.

In summary, even though my new livestock is a bit feisty, we (the majority of us) think he’s the best.  If his feistiness can be redirected towards mice, my husband may even appreciate him, too.  (squirt)

New addition.

Corin-Bernard-Lily-Isabella has come home to be the Outside Kitty.  I know you can’t tell this is the outside kitty, since Rebecca has brought him in 37 times today and this picture is on my family room carpet.  I admit he is rather pathetic when we put him outside in the big wide world without his siblings or mama.  But outside cat he/she will be.

We absolutely cannot have another indoor cat.  That is why Marcus whipped up a kitty house last night for him/her to sleep outside.  Even though he/she slept in the bathroom.

I will keep you updated on his outside/inside status, and whether he/she is a Bernard or Izzi.