Maddie’s senior prom.

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I missed Maddie’s prom last year when I went to visit my oldest daughter in Indiana.  This year I tried to redeem myself by taking LOTS OF PICTURES.  I’m thankful Maddie was a gamer and balanced on those high-heeled shoes out in the field.  She aerated the lawn with them, too.

I have realized how important it is to be present for my kids.  They don’t ask for much-Maddie didn’t need help getting ready, and I didn’t need to prepare anything.  She just wanted me to be there to see the process, the finished product, and celebrate the moment with her before she went off to dinner and dancing with her friends.  And I gladly did it.  What made it even better was listening to her favorite comedian and belly laughing while trying to paint the stairwell.  I’m thankful I didn’t roll down the stairs.

Love you, MP!



March 1: Light


My camera is collecting dust except for projects I have to shoot.

I mentioned a photo project to my oldest daughter, who assumed a “mention” meant I was planning on it.

So here I am.  If I can do something fun with my daughter who lives over 600 miles away, then let’s do this thing!

This picture was taken yesterday, when my third daughter was trying to tie a scarf before school.  She isn’t a morning person, and the scarf wasn’t cooperating.  Hence, the scowl.

I love you too, honey.


{1 Photo – 31 Days} Photo Challenge

February 26, 2014

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March 2014 {1 Photo} Challenge - I Heart Faces

What I’ll miss.


When Regular Life starts again Monday, I will look back on this part of Christmas break and sigh.  I like the big gatherings, the gift exchanges, the rich meals, and the different group activities.  But it was the moments like the ones above that caused me to pause, take a deep breath, and soak it all in.



Becca’s a wrapper.

She not only loves to give presents, she loves to wrap them.  As in, I don’t do any wrapping unless the present is for her.  Don’t hate me.

This morning she asked me if she could wrap while I read to her about Sequoyah.  Yes, yes.  A thousand times yes.

Other people have been the recipient of her wrapping love, and I am thankful she is using her wrapping gifts to bless others.  Ha!





Today was the day I drove to the top floor of a parking garage to meet my girl.  She was so excited to show me where she attends nursing classes, then do a health assessment for me.  Her enthusiasm overflowed, and I tried not to giggle and be serious.

Today was also our foster baby’s first birthday.  Her new mama sent me a picture of sweet babe smiling away at me.  It did my heart good to see her, but I also felt a deep tug.

Today ended by taking my youngest out to buy Christmas presents.  She loves to give gifts.   At the end of the evening, as we finished our sandwiches, she told me she would rather shop with me than with her friends.

Today was a good day.