How do people do 365-day photography challenges?  19 days has stretchhhhhhhed my creativity and excitement.

I feel pretty much done here, folks.  But I somehow feel I’m on the team, and can’t let the team down.

When I got married, my husband brought prehistoric plants from his mother to our home.  When we had a bunch of little kids, I forgot to water them, and they started dying.  He finally took them to the shop, where they thrive on little more than wood dust.  ( The story is much longer, like when he asked me if I was killing them on purpose, but I won’t bore you with the rest.)

Several years ago, my friend told me succulents were hardy (and oh, so cute!).  I bought some on clearance one summer, and they aren’t exactly thriving, but they ain’t dead, neither.







Today I did paperwork alllllllll afternoon.  At 4:30, I escaped outside into the 50 degree (!) weather just before the sun went down for one of the shortest days of the year.  I almost missed it.

The only thing wrong with a micro lens is not being able to pick one picture for the DPP.  Pity, that.