Fall Photoshoots.

I love fall.  The colors, the cool air…but especially the light.  It is softer and more golden.

So taking photos of the fun, lovely Erdman family in the early evening was…the best!


erdmans-321 erdmans-302 erdmans-293 erdmans-287 erdmans-270 erdmans-269 erdmans-256 erdmans-249 erdmans-229 erdmans-228 erdmans-223 erdmans-184 erdmans-182 erdmans-151 erdmans-147 erdmans-109 erdmans-084 erdmans-079


erdmans-047 erdmans-024



We drove to Bloomington, Indiana (I found out there’s a Bloomington, Illinois, too) in August, packed up the kids’ moving truck, and headed to Atlanta, where Matt is working on his Ph.D. at Emory.  I ended up being mostly emotional support.  Matt’s parents packed a lot before we even arrived, and unpacking?  Maddie was bitten or stung by a nasty insect that caused her foot to swell up to gigantic proportions, and itch crazily.  We spent time at urgent care while the unpacking occurred.  Convenient, huh?

Ash and Matt actually live in Decatur, which proved to be a delightful suburb of Atlanta.  They live in a large apartment complex built in the 1940’s, with lush green spaces surrounding them, and people have gardens outside their back doors.  Ash walks a few steps to do laundry, and even has a clothes line, which works when it’s not raining (good luck).

We toured Decatur, ate wonderful food, touched the surface of Atlanta, and drove 16 hours home.  The trip went quickly, compared to the 19-hour drive home from New Orleans earlier in the summer.  Did Ash and Matt NEED us to come move them?  No.  But we could help, so we did.  Seeing the place our kids would call “home” was priceless.

Here are the kids, in front of their apartment, and ready for adventure!


Downtown Decatur.

Atlanta-008 Atlanta-012 Atlanta-015 Atlanta-020 Atlanta-027

(Matt propping up the affronted foot.)


Standing in line for tacos in a converted gas station?  Yes, please.  Visit Taqueria Del Sol when you go to Decatur.  You’ll thank me.

Atlanta-034 Atlanta-050

Donuts!  Yummy, but the maple-bacon one was weird.

Atlanta-051 Atlanta-070

Ash went dumpster diving before we left her apartment in Bloomington.  She scored.  An oak desk for the office, a 1950’s table for the extra bedroom, and another bookshelf.    White spray paint did wonders, even the places where I put masking tape over the screws.  Don’t tell Marcus.

Atlanta-086 Atlanta-087 Atlanta-091 Atlanta-094 Atlanta-097 Atlanta-101 Atlanta-104 Atlanta-107

Onward to Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta.  I could have watched the kids play in the fountain all day!

Atlanta-120 Atlanta-127 Atlanta-148 Atlanta-152 Atlanta-157 Atlanta-161 Atlanta-168

The capitol building, where they were filming a scene from Ride Along 2.   I didn’t see anyone famous, and was irritated that I couldn’t get better pictures of the whole building due to props, cameras, etc.  At least we got to see the two-headed calf.

Atlanta-189 We Atlanta-199

We were looking for ice cream, and found an old brick building (across the street from this one) converted into a fresh food market.  So fun!  I am sure Ash and Matt shop for their tripe and cow feet there!

Atlanta-203 Atlanta-204 Atlanta-208 Atlanta-213 Atlanta-219

I’m already looking forward to another visit, especially now that Lincoln has a direct flight to Atlanta!  What would we do with all our extra time if I got there in 3 hours instead of 16??

Three girls.

I had the opportunity to take pictures of Gracia on her twelfth birthday.  I have known her and her sweet family since she was a tiny girl, and I was amazed at what was transpiring in front of my lens:   giggling girls who would occasionally shoot me a womanly look; one foot in girlhood, and the other foot testing the waters of young womanhood.  A lovely, and difficult age, if I remember correctly with my own four tempestuous females.

3girls-058 3girls-059 3girls-060 3girls-072 3girls-075 3girls-108 3girls-134 3girls-135 3girls-162 3girls-165 3girls-167 3girls-174 3girls-182 3girls-202 3girls-212 3girls-227

Maddie’s senior prom.

prom-114prom-101 prom-154 prom-151  prom-069 prom-043 prom-040


I missed Maddie’s prom last year when I went to visit my oldest daughter in Indiana.  This year I tried to redeem myself by taking LOTS OF PICTURES.  I’m thankful Maddie was a gamer and balanced on those high-heeled shoes out in the field.  She aerated the lawn with them, too.

I have realized how important it is to be present for my kids.  They don’t ask for much-Maddie didn’t need help getting ready, and I didn’t need to prepare anything.  She just wanted me to be there to see the process, the finished product, and celebrate the moment with her before she went off to dinner and dancing with her friends.  And I gladly did it.  What made it even better was listening to her favorite comedian and belly laughing while trying to paint the stairwell.  I’m thankful I didn’t roll down the stairs.

Love you, MP!


March 1: Light


My camera is collecting dust except for projects I have to shoot.

I mentioned a photo project to my oldest daughter, who assumed a “mention” meant I was planning on it.

So here I am.  If I can do something fun with my daughter who lives over 600 miles away, then let’s do this thing!

This picture was taken yesterday, when my third daughter was trying to tie a scarf before school.  She isn’t a morning person, and the scarf wasn’t cooperating.  Hence, the scowl.

I love you too, honey.


{1 Photo – 31 Days} Photo Challenge

February 26, 2014

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March 2014 {1 Photo} Challenge - I Heart Faces

Sheldon Museum of Art.



The Sheldon Museum of Art has grown on me throughout the years.  When I attended the University of Nebraska, it was a building I passed almost everyday.  When my children were little, it was a location for field trips, and rather stressful as I was constantly on the lookout for little hands getting TOO CLOSE to the paintings.

Now I make an annual pilgrimage (at least), and my enjoyment has grown exponentially as my love of photography has increased.  The architecture alone is enough of a reason to visit.  Some of the art engages me, and obviously photography exhibits are the best.  But many of the exhibits are…rather strange.  The surreal exhibit reminded Ashley and I of Alice in Wonderland: creepy.  But the room set up to make your own surreal exhibit was the highlight of the afternoon.

On a warm day you can enjoy the sculptures outside the museum, too.

The gift shop is wonderful, and I enjoy it as much as the museum.  Local artists sell their wares – so much variety and creativity.  I made it out with only one pair of earrings, but liked so much more.  And the last thing?  One of the janitors is the nicest man you’ll ever meet.