Fall Photoshoots.

I love fall.  The colors, the cool air…but especially the light.  It is softer and more golden.

So taking photos of the fun, lovely Erdman family in the early evening was…the best!


erdmans-321 erdmans-302 erdmans-293 erdmans-287 erdmans-270 erdmans-269 erdmans-256 erdmans-249 erdmans-229 erdmans-228 erdmans-223 erdmans-184 erdmans-182 erdmans-151 erdmans-147 erdmans-109 erdmans-084 erdmans-079


erdmans-047 erdmans-024


4 thoughts on “Fall Photoshoots.

  1. Jen, these are dreamy and FANTASTIC! Ah, I’m in love. Gorgeous. I wish that was my family looking all idyllic in the late evening light. Can you Photoshop Tredways in there?

    1. No go on the Photoshopped Tredways. But you can sure come out and I’ll snap some shots of your lovely family during the Golden Hour. 🙂

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