What’s happenin’.

Summer has flown by, but I haven’t documented much here.  I am part of an August photo challenge, so that is fulfilling my photography bug.  Three of my girls have been home more this summer, so I’ve tried to take advantage of the time we’ve had together.  Katherine starts her last year of nursing school, and then gets married.  Maddie starts college in October.  And Rebecca started high school full time yesterday – my first year of homeschool retirement.  So now I’m eating bonbons, and watching Dr. Phil.  Or not.

We moved Ashley to Atlanta from Bloomington, Indiana.  Matt will pursue his doctorate in Jewish Studies at Emory.  It was so good to see their new place, and tour a bit of Decatur, where they live, and Atlanta.  They will enjoy this new adventure, and I’ll enjoy living vicariously through them.  🙂

These pictures are from this week:  Bec’s first day of school; Kat and her dad talking after lunch; and Ash Facetiming her sisters, to check in on Bec’s first day of school.





One thought on “What’s happenin’.

  1. such a perfect shot into matt and i’s daily reality. love the picture of kat and dad on the front porch with the dining room silhouetted. and i was SOO excited for a new blog post!! do moh. i vant to see your other pic-chas!!!!

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